Jeremy Loops and Ben Brown come to Boston

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On a most misty Sunday evening musician Jeremy loops, his band, and the youtuber Mr. Ben Brown visited the Brighton Music Hall on the outskirts of Boston. Jeremy Loops uses the power of a loop machine and his ever-changing vocals to create truly unique music. I would not have been exposed to this harmonica-playing musician if it were not for his friend Ben Brown. Mr. Ben Brown is a strong presence on YouTube and shares every day with his Internet friends.

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The show was fantastic with the best energy and crowd I have ever experienced at a concert. The opening acts Morningsiders, and Sam Jones well prepared the audience for an exciting show. True to form, Jeremy Loops began playing his harmonica from backstage and we encouraged him with cheering. The loops began and his friends joined in, Jamie on the saxophone and Mr. Sakitumi on the drums and bass guitar (I think it was a bass guitar). Although my musical talents lie within the safety of my car and the radio on high volume, I can appreciate the talent that stepped on stage.

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Front row, I got the fist bump from Jeremy. It was almost the white-checkered flag being waved at the beginning of a Nascar race. Everyone was jamming out and singing along with Jeremy and Mo. My personal favorite was Sinner, but a crowd favorite was their encore song Skinny Blues. Guys, seriously check him out on YouTube and Soundcloud. And while you’re there check out the travels of Ben Brown. He has filmed every day and is the inside camera on the Jeremy Loops tour. His Visual Vibes films and merch are taking off as a result of hard work and talent. After meeting them last night I would say their continued success is absolutely deserved. Show them some love.

Pet adoption


This is Mary she is a five year old cat that currently resides in a shelter. I am a big fan of adopting pets, but I understand why people want a kitten or puppy of their own. So many wonderful animals with good temperaments and loving hearts are just waiting for someone to chose them. What I like about adopting an older cat or dog is that their personality is generally set. You know what you’re getting. There are energetic cats or mellow sidekicks. With kittens they are unpredictable you never really know what type of cat you’re gonna get. I’ve adopted two cats and a dog in the past and they hold a special place in my heart. When you rescue and animal there is benefits to everyone. They get a happy home and you get a loving friend. If you are thinking about getting a family pet I would suggest heading to the mspca to find a friend!